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Patron Saints, Protectors and Namesakes

Activities and Occupations
Patronage Saint
Accountants St. Matthew Medals
Actors St. Genesius Medals
Alter Servers St. John Berchman Medals
Archeologists St. Helen Medals
Archers St. Sebastian Medals
Architects St. Barbara Medals
Art Dealers St. John Medals
Artillery St. Barbara Medals
Artists St. Luke Medals
Astronomers St. Dominic Medals
Athletes St. Christopher Medals, St. Sebastian Medals
Authors St. Francis De Sales Medals
Aviators Our Lady of Loreto Medals, St. Theresa Medals
Bakers St. Elizabeth Medals, St. Nicholas Medals
Bankers St. Matthew Medals
Barbers St. Cosmas and St. Damian Medals, St. Louis Medals
Blacksmiths St. James Medals
Bookkeepers St. Matthew Medals
Booksellers St. John Medals
Boy Scouts St. George Medals
Brewers St. Luke Medals, St. Nicholas Medals
Bricklayers St. Stephen Medals
Builders St. Barbara Medals
Butchers St. Luke Medals, St. Peter Medals
Cabinetmakers St. Anne Medals
Carpenters St. Joseph Medals
Catechists St. Charles Borromeo Medals
Civil Servants St. Thomas More Medals
Clerks St. Thomas More Medals
Clockmakers St. Peter Medals
Comedians St. Genesius Medals
Confectioners St. Joseph Medals
Cooks St. Lawrence Medals, St. Martha Medals
Dancers St. Genesius Medals
Dietitians St. Martha Medals
Doctors St. Luke Medals
Ecologists St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Ecology St. Francis Medals
Engineers St. Joseph Medals
Equestrians St. Anne Medals
Farmers St. George Medals
Firefighters St. Barbara Medals, St. Florian Medals
Fishermen St. Andrew Medals, St. Peter Medals
Florists St. Dorothy Medals, St. Theresa Medals
Flyers Our Lady of Loreto Medals
Foreign Missionaries St. Theresa Medals
Foundry Workers St. Agatha Medals
Funeral Directors St. Dismas Medals, St. Joan of Arc Medals
Glass Workers St. Luke Medals
Glaziers St. Luke Medals, St. Mark Medals
Goldsmiths St. Luke Medals
Grocers St. Michael Medals
Gunners St. Barbara Medals
Hair Dressers St. Martin de Porres Medals
Home Builders Our Lady of Loreto Medals
Homemakers St. Anne Medals
Horsemen St. Anne Medals
Hospital Administrators St. Frances Cabrini Medals
Housewives St. Anne Medals
Hunters St. Hubert Medals
Innkeepers St. Martha Medals
Jewelers St. Luke Medals
Journalists St. Francis De Sales Medals
Laborers St. James Medals
Lawyers St. Genesius Medals, St. Raymond Medals, St. Thomas More Medals
Librarians St. Jerome Medals
Lithographers St. John Medals
Mariners St. Michael Medals
Medical Technicians St. Albert Medals
Merchants St. Francis of Assisi Medals, St. Nicholas Medals
Messengers St. Gabriel Medals
Miners St. Barbara Medals
Motorists St. Christopher Medals
Mountaineers St. Bernard Medals
Musicians St. Cecile Medals
Notaries St. Luke Medals, St. Mark Medals
Nurses St. Agatha Medals, St. Catherine Medals, St. Raphael Medals
Painters St. Luke Medals
Paratroopers St. Michael Medals
Pawn Brokers St. Nicholas Medals
Peddlers St. Lucy Medals
Perfumers St. Mary Magdalene Medals
Pharmacists St. Cosmas and St. Damian Medals, St. James Medals
Philosophers St. Albert Medals
Physicians St. Cosmas and St. Damian Medals, St. Luke Medals, St. Raphael Medals
Pilgrims St. James Medals
Pioneers St. Joseph Medals
Poets St. David Medals
Police St. Michael Medals
Politicians St. Thomas More Medals
Porters St. Christopher Medals
Postal Workers St. Gabriel Medals
Priests St. John Vianney Medals
Printers St. Genesius Medals
Radio Workers St. Gabriel Medals
Radiologists St. Michael Medals
Sailors St. Brendan Medals, St. Christopher Medals, St. Nicholas Medals
Salesmen St. Lucy Medals
Scientists St. Albert Medals
Sculptors St. Luke Medals
Seamen St. Francis De Sales Medals, St. Francis of Paola Medals
Secretaries St. Genesius Medals
Seminarians St. Charles Borromeo Medals
Servants St. Martha Medals
Shepherds St. Bernadette Medals
Ship Builders St. Peter Medals
Singers St. Cecile Medals, St. Gregory Medals
Skiers St. Bernard Medals
Social Workers St. Louise Medals
Soldiers St. George Medals, St. Joan of Arc Medals, St. Sebastian Medals
Stenographers St. Genesius Medals
Stone Masons St. Barbara Medals
Students St. Thomas Aquinas Medals
Surgeons St. Cosmas and St. Damian Medals, St. Luke Medals
Tailors St. John the Baptist Medals
Tanners St. James Medals
Tax Gatherers St. Matthew Medals
Teachers St. Gregory Medals, St. John the Baptist Medals
Telecom Workers St. Gabriel Medals
Television St. Clare Medals
Television Workers St. Gabriel Medals
Theologians St. Augustine Medals
Travelers St. Anthony Medals, St. Christopher Medals, St. Nicholas Medals, St. Raphael Medals
Veterinarians St. James Medals
Workers St. Joseph Medals
Writers St. Lucy Medals

Geographical Regions
Patronage Saint
Americas Our Lady of Guadalupe Medals, St. Rose Medals
Angola Immaculate Heart of Mary Medals
Belgium St. Joseph Medals
Brazil Immaculate Conception Medals
Canada St. Anne Medals, St. Joseph Medals
Chile Our Lady of Mount Carmel Medals, St. James Medals
China St. Joseph Medals
Cuba Caridad Del Cobre Medals
Ecuador Sacred Heart of Jesus Medals
England St. George Medals, St. Gregory Medals
Europe St. Bridget Medals, St. Catherine Medals
France Our Lady of the Assumption Medals, St. Dennis Medals, St. Joan of Arc Medals, St. Theresa Medals
Germany St. Michael Medals
Greece St. Andrew Medals, St. Nicholas Medals
Hungary St. Gerard Medals
India Our Lady of the Assumption Medals
Ireland St. Patrick Medals
Italy St. Catherine Medals, St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Malta St. Paul the Apostle Medals
Mexico Our Lady of Guadalupe Medals
Paraguay Our Lady of the Assumption Medals
Peru St. Joseph Medals
Philippines Sacred Heart of Jesus Medals
Poland Our Lady of Czestochowa Medals
Puerto Rico Our Lady of Providencia Medals
Russia St. Andrew Medals, St. Nicholas Medals, St. Theresa Medals
Scotland St. Andrew Medals, St. Margaret Medals
South Africa Our Lady of the Assumption Medals
Spain St. James Medals
Sweden St. Bridget Medals
United States Immaculate Conception Medals
Wales St. David Medals
West Indies St. Gertrude Medals

Health Related
Patronage Saint
Amputees St. Anthony Medals
Arthritis St. James Medals
Barren Women St. Anthony Medals
Blind St. Raphael Medals
Bodily Ills Our Lady of Lourdes Medals
Breast Cancer St. Agatha Medals
Cancer Patients St. Peregrine Medals
Deafness St. Francis De Sales Medals
Dying St. Joseph Medals
Epilepsy St. Dymphna Medals
Expectant Mothers St. Gerard Medals
Eye Diseases St. Raphael Medals
Eye Trouble St. Clare Medals, St. Lucy Medals
Fever St. Peter Medals
Foot Trouble St. Peter Medals
Headache Sufferers St. Teresa of Avila Medals
Heart Patients St. John Medals
HIV Aids St. Peregrine Medals
Hospitals St. Camillus Medals, St. Jude Medals
Infertility St. Anthony Medals, St. Philomena Medals, St. Rita Medals
Invalids St. Roch Medals
Longevity St. Peter Medals
Meningitis St. Padre Pio Medals
Mentally Ill St. Dymphna Medals
Miscarriage St. Catherine Medals
Neurological Disease St. Dymphna Medals
Poison Sufferers St. Benedict Medals
Pregnant Women St. Margaret Medals
Rheumatism St. James Medals
Sick St. Michael Medals
Skin Disease St. Peregrine Medals
Snake Bite St. Patrick Medals
Throat Ailments St. Blaise Medals
Toothache St. Peter Medals
Women in Labor St. Anne Medals

Situations and Miscellaneous
Patronage Saint
Addicts and Drug Addictions St. Max Kolbe Medals
Alcoholics St. Monica Medals
Animals St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Battle St. Michael Medals
Birds St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Blackbirds St. Kevin Medals
Brides St. Nicholas Medals
Catholic Action St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Charities St. Vincent De Paul Medals
Children St. Nicholas Medals
Church St. Joseph Medals
Desperate Situations St. Jude Medals, St. Rita Medals
Difficult Marriages St. Edward Medals, St. Rita Medals
Disasters St. Genevieve Medals
Doubt St. Joseph Medals
Drug Addiction St. Max Kolbe Medals
Elderly Maids St. Andrew Medals, St. Jude Medals
Emigrants St. Frances Cabrini Medals
Falsely Accused St. Gerard Medals
Fathers of Families St. Joseph Medals
Fire St. Francis of Assisi Medals
Girls St. Agnes Medals, St. Maria Goretti Medals
Grandmothers St. Anne Medals
Grooms St. Louis Medals
Happy Meetings St. Raphael Medals
Hesitation St. Joseph Medals
Immigrants St. Frances Cabrini Medals
Impossible Situations St. Jude Medals
In-Law Problems St. Elizabeth Seton Medals
Loss of Parents St. Elizabeth Seton Medals
Lost Objects St. Anthony Medals
Lovers St. Raphael Medals
Married Couples St. Joseph Medals
Married Women St. Monica Medals
Mothers St. Monica Medals
Parenthood St. Rita Medals
Penitents St. Mary Magdalene Medals
Political Prisioners St. Max Kolbe Medals
Poor St. Anthony Medals, St. Lawrence Medals
Prisoners St. Dismas Medals
Schools St. Thomas Aquinas Medals
Schools and Students St. Thomas Medals
Social Justice St. Joseph Medals
Storms St. Barbara Medals
Teenagers St. Maria Goretti Medals
Temptation St. Michael Medals
Universal Church St. Joseph Medals
Wild Animals St. Blaise Medals
Youth St. Maria Goretti Medals

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