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How to Care for Pearls

With proper care, pearl jewelry can last for generations. Here are some important tips in caring for your pearls:

  • Keep your pearls stored separately from other jewelry. Pearls can become scratched and worn if they rub against other jewelry in a box or drawer.
  • Always wipe your pearls with a soft cloth after wearing to remove skin oils.
  • Avoid getting pearls wet, especially pearl strands.
  • Don't sleep in your pearl jewelry, or any other jewelry for that matter.
  • "Last On, First Off" is the rule for pearl wearers. When getting dressed, put on your makeup, hair spray and perfume, etc. first. Put on your pearls last. Try not to put any cosmetic items on skin that will touch your pearls. When getting undressed, make sure you take your pearl jewelry off first, wipe them, and store your pearls safely away before beginning your nightly routine.
  • Have your pearl jewelry checked regularly and have strands restrung as needed.

These few simple steps will ensure that you will have a treasure to cherish.

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