Saint Olga Cross Jewelry in Gold, or Silver (Byzantine, Saint Olga)

Eastern Orthodox crosses are also known as Byzantine crosses or Saint Olga Crosses. They are worn by Eastern Orthodox Christians, both Greek and Russian. In addition to the slanted footrest, Greek and Russian Orthodox crosses feature the "IC" and "XC", which are shorthand in Greek for Jesus Christ. The "IC" is the first and last letter of ISOUS (Jesus); the squiggly line indicating that this is an abbreviation. The "XC" is the first and last letter of CHRISTOS (Christ).

Some styles of Russian Orthodox Crosses have an inscription on the back: "Protect and Save" in Russian; other styles of Orthodox Crosses have a plain back. The Russian and Greek Orthodox Crosses are available in 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold or sterling silver in a variety of sizes and styles.

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