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Huguenot Cross Jewelry - 14K Yellow Gold

What is a Huguenot cross? The Huguenot Society of South Africa provides the following history:

"The Huguenot cross was designed and first manufactured by a certain Mystre of Nimes in 1688. It has as its predecessor the badge of the Hospitaler Knights of Saint John of Jerusalem also known as the Knights of Malta, a religious and Crusader order founded in Jerusalem in the 7th century AD. In 1308 they occupied the island of Rhodes after the collapse of the Crusader states, and in 1530 formed the order of the Knights of Malta after Rhodes was surrendered to the Ottoman Turks. They lived for 4 centuries on the island of Malta, hence the name Maltese Cross for the central part. (The Maltese Cross is generally associated with fire and is the symbol of protection of fire fighters in many countries). Other predecessors of the Huguenot Cross include the so-called Languedoc Cross, and the order decoration of the Order of the Holy Spirit which Henry III established on December 31st, 1578."

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