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Custom Laser Engraving on Gold Bands and Religious Medals

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We can custom engrave your personal inscription on selected items:

Laser Engraving for Purity Rings and Wedding Bands

We offer custom laser engraving on selected purity rings and wedding bands. We can engrave your personal inscription on the top (outside) of the band as well as on the inside of the band.

What is laser engraving? This is the practice of engraving a design or words onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. A high-powered laser is used to cut deep into the metal's surface. The result, after being prepped and polished may be filled with antique black, enamel paint, or epoxy.

We offer a choice of enamel colors to darken recessed engraved areas. The enamel usually has a glossy look. It is applied and is dried with heat at 150 degrees for 1 hour. The available colors are: black, red, green, blue, brown and pink. You may optionally choose to have no fill on your item -- the engraving is not colored or highlighted in any way.

Most of our plain gold, platinum and two-tone bands can be custom laser engraved. Please note that due to technical limitations of the engraving tool, certain restrictions apply: the band must be at least 3 mm wide and can be no wider than 9 mm wide; the ring finger size must be at least size 5; the band may not be tapered; bands made of tungsten are not engravable; the engraved message can contain up to 27 characters (including spacing and punctuation). Other restrictions may apply depending on the specific band and its design. However, we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Laser Engraving Fonts:

  • Bookman Old Style
  • Colonna
  • Edwardian Script
  • Lucida Handwriting
  • Old English
  • Script MT Bold

Machine Engraving for Religious Medal Pendants

We offer custom laser engraving on the back of selected religious medals.

What is machine engraving? Machine engraving is the practice of scribing a design or words onto finished metals that do not need to be re-finished after the engraving is completed. This is done by using a diamond tip stylus that gives a scratch-like look to the finish. Machine engraved items do not allow an option of adding a fill color to darken the engraved areas, thus the engraving is not colored or highlighted in any way.

Machine Engraving Fonts:

  • Helvetica Cut Out
  • Script MT Bold

Ordering is Straight Forward -- Just Follow This Procedure

1. Use our online catalog to select the item to be engraved. Items that are candidates for engraving have a link for custom engraving. Click on the link and follow the instructions for providing the engraving specifications.

2. Provide the text you want to have engraved. Select one of the popular message styles below or provide your own unique message. The engraved message can contain up to twenty-seven characters (including spaces and punctuation).

Message Examples for Purity Bands

  • Love Waits
  • Love Worth Waiting
  • True Love Waits

Message Examples for Wedding Bands

  • 8-15-2002 (date)
  • Bob and Mary 8-15-2002 (names and date)
  • Mary, I love you. Bob
  • Our Wedding Day 8-15-2002

3. Choose the engraving style and indicate whether you would like the engraving enhanced with enamel.

4. Click Add To Cart.

The price for each laser engraved inscription is as follows:

  • Inscription without enamel: $14 (suggested retail $24)
  • Enamel-enhanced inscription: $24 (suggested retail $36)

In almost all cases, your in-stock order will ship within 3-5 business days for orders placed by 2 pm (ET).

Please note that custom laser engraved orders are not cancelable and are not returnable.

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